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Time Out New York
by Mitchell Davis

After Pearl Oyster Bar partners Mary Redding and Rebecca Charles split up, Redding decided to open her own West Village seafood restaurant. But fans hoping Mary's Fish Camp would alleviate the crunch at Pearl quickly realized they were out of luck: The new restaurant has developed an obsessive fan base of its own, ensuring lines out the door every night-just like at Pearl. Once you get inside, you'll notice that specialties like the Maine-style lobster roll-large chunks of sweet meat suspended in mayonnaise and served in a buttered hot-dog bun with shoestring fries, $18-seem awfully familiar. Still, Mary's Fish Camp isn't identical to Pearl. The new restaurant has a larger kitchen and more tables. (No two pearls are exactly alike, right?) And Mary's menu is more extensive than Pearl's. In fact, some of the best dishes are unique to Mary's. Among them, the lobster knuckles ($9) are a must. The large, meaty pieces, served chilled with drawn butter, form an indispensable part of the eatery's sitting-on-the-dock experience. Don't go thinking this is the second restaurant in a burgeoning chain, though-it doesn't look like reconciliation is on the horizon. When pressed for dirt, the staff at Mary's will only say that a lot of people left Pearl to help Mary out. Dissenters argue that Rebecca is the better cook. Regardless of your allegiances, one thing is for sure: If you want a prime spot in line, you'd better show up early.

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